eSynerga has commenced research on home wind turbine optimization. As part of our research we are developing solutions for 3 most important issues regarding present and future wind turbine constructions:

  • Modernization of existing home wind turbines by application of easy to assemble aerodynamic set,
  • Use of recycled carbon fibre for manufacturing home wind turbines,
  • Developing a household energy management system that will help to utilize produced renewable energy in a better, more efficient way.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine allows to transform 71% (0,42 of Betz’s coefficient) of wind’s energy into electricity. When designing wind turbines we aim to protect the environment by producing green energy and recycling composite material waste, which poses a serious threat to the environment. Up to this point, waste coming from wind turbines production has had limited utilization. eSynerga is working on solutions that will close the life cycle of wind turbines. We are also conducting research on usage of recyclate in wind turbines production. We intend to design wind turbines which are built in large part from recycled materials. Our goal is 50% usage of recyclate for production. Thanks to being made from composites blades are resistant to thermal expansion. To ensure durability of our construction we plan on securing all steel elements by galvanizing and all aluminium elements by anodizing. We intend to use disk generator which transforms wind’s kinetic energy into electricity without friction elements. This design eliminates maintenance and review work.

Technical assumptions of our micro power plant:

  • Vertical axis of rotation, no mechanical change of blades’ angle,
  • Operation start possible from wind speed of 0,5 m/s,
  • Weather-resistant composites guarantee long, maintenance-free and failure-free operation,
  • Quiet, adapted for installation in urban areas,
  • Installation in places where traditional wind turbines could not be assembled,
  • Electricity production at night and during winter, when other renewable energy sources are less efficient,
  • Full registration of turbine’s work parameters and diagnostics,
  • Safe for humans and animals, especially birds.

To find out more, please contact us at !

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