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ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

ADC - Automatic Data Capture

MIS - management information system

WMS - Warehouse Management System

MFC - Material Flow Control - module connecting automated logistic devices into one transporting system, which will provide optimal capacity of any warehouse volume.

GS1 - System which allows to use unequivocal numbers for identification of the goods, service, resources and locations in the whole world using ADC.

GTIN - Global Trade Item Number

GIAI - Global Individual Asset Identifier

SSCC - Serial Shipping Container Code - serial number of the shipping unit in EAN/UCC standard for shipment unit identification and marking

Logistic unit/ carrier - pallet, container, box

GTM - Good to Me - completion post of small articles


Warehouse Management System
"Our warehouse is getting bigger and bigger and it takes longer to prepare goods delivery." "We have problems with goods delivery in accordance with FEFO / FIFO." We do not have full knowledge about efficiency and quality of the processes realized in the warehouse." "Clients sometimes report inconsistency with the goods that they ordered." "The goods are vanishing in the warehouse."
If the above sentences are part of your reality it means, that it is the utmost time to introduce a new software to manage your warehouse.

Efficiency of the logistic processes
Carefully considered IT system implementation might greatly improve efficiency of the activities realized in the warehouse, thus giving full information about the work flow in the warehouse.

The WMS system form eSynerga is a complex solution that will support your logistic processes. System based on the ADC module, radio terminals RF and GS1-128 standard (RFID option) gives quick process of goods localization and identification in the warehouse.

WMS system purpose:
- Completion error elimination
- Improvement of the warehouse efficiency
- Lowering warehouse management costs
- Increase of the warehouse area usage
- Limiting goods thefts and vanishing

For whom was the WMS created?

WMS system is for all companies that:
- store complex range of goods in their warehouses
- store goods with expiration date
- store products delivered to the warehouses according to the production batch
- deliver sets of many products from the warehouses
- store goods which have high unit value
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