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ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

ADC - Automatic Data Capture

MIS - management information system

WMS - Warehouse Management System

MFC - Material Flow Control - module connecting automated logistic devices into one transporting system, which will provide optimal capacity of any warehouse volume.

GS1 - System which allows to use unequivocal numbers for identification of the goods, service, resources and locations in the whole world using ADC.

GTIN - Global Trade Item Number

GIAI - Global Individual Asset Identifier

SSCC - Serial Shipping Container Code - serial number of the shipping unit in EAN/UCC standard for shipment unit identification and marking

Logistic unit/ carrier - pallet, container, box

GTM - Good to Me - completion post of small articles


eSynerga is offering, designing and implementing modern IT solutions adjusted to the needs of our Clients.

Our advantages:
- Many years of experience in the WMS systems implementation including automated warehouses
- Experience in the production and power industries in the scope of the expert solutions
- Adjusting software to the real user environment
  specification - ergonomic, effectiveness emphasis
- Modern, open software
- High quality and reliable software - effective production process
- Application of modern and acknowledged technical standards

What do our clients gain thanks to the standards:
- the best and the cheapest solution relying on the experience and tested patterns
- no technical blockade - no commitment to only one IT technologies
  vendor and to his solutions only
- simpler and cheaper IT systems development
- possibility to install system on the already available hardware and operation
  system because our systems work on many software-hardware configurations.
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